2 Days: Partake in an intensive two-day course (6 hours daily), delivered via interactive webinars. This programme concludes with a UK-based Digital Marketing certificate. You have the opportunity to undertake further assessments, which count towards a virtual internship placement. Successfully completing these earns you an additional London-based Digital Marketing Internship certificate and a personalised recommendation. Enhance your professional portfolio with this comprehensive curriculum, accessible from anywhere in the world.


8 Weeks: Join our comprehensive 8-week programme, designed for flexibility. Each daily lesson, requiring 1-2 hours of your time, is delivered via email from Monday to Friday. The course blends training and assignments that have real-world applications, tied to the day's topic. Your assignments, relevant to London-based brands engaged with Sigulp Ltd and Techtad Ltd, count towards your internship placement certification. Learn and apply digital marketing skills at your convenience, enhancing your professional portfolio with a London-based internship. Begin your journey today.


Both Course Overview


2 - Days

Dive into an intensive 2-day digital marketing programme, packed with industry essentials. Over two 6-hour days (including two 15-min breaks and one 30-min break each day), we will cover:

Day 1:

  • Foundations of Digital Marketing: overview, team structures, department collaborations.
  • Interpersonal Skills: internal and external communication, professional representation.
  • Deeper Dives: customer service, branding, inbound and outbound marketing.
  • Marketing Insights: digital analytics, strategy, and research.

Day 2:

  • Marketing Plan: blueprint, vision, target market, SWOT & PESTLE analysis.
  • Advanced Techniques: situational analysis, copywriting, content marketing, digital PR.
  • Expanded Skills: SEO, SEM, Web Development, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing.
  • Wrapping Up: Budgeting, influencer marketing, conversion rate optimisation, legal and ethical considerations. 


Internship Certificate - 2 month asessment: 

Upon completion of 2 day course, you'll receive a UK-based Digital Marketing certificate. However, if you're looking for more, you have the option to complete assignments and a one-on-one assessment that lead to a London-based Digital Marketing Internship certificate and a personalised recommendation. The choice is yours, with the same course fee covering both pathways. Choose to finish your journey with a certificate or continue on to further enrich your professional profile with a practical internship certification and recommendation. Start your journey today and make your mark in the digital marketing world.


8 - Weeks

Week 1: Building the Foundation

 Day 1: Digital Marketing Overview

Day 2: Marketing Team Structures

Day 3: Digital Marketing Departments and How They Collaborate

Day 4: Communication (Internal and External)

Day 5: Professional Appearance and Representation


Week 2: Diving Deeper

Day 6: Customer Service

Day 7: Branding

Day 8: Inbound and Outbound Marketing

Day 9: Digital Analytics

Day 10: Strategy and Research


Week 3: Crafting a Marketing Plan - A Blueprint for Success

Day 11: Blue print

Day 12: Mission, Vision, Goals, Objectives, Strategy, Kpis and Budgets

Day 13: Marketing Mix and Target market

Day 14: SWOT and PESTLE analysis

Day 15: Competitor Analysis, Target Audience Analysis and Creating Personas


Week 4: Advanced Techniques

Day 16: Bringing Marketing Plan Together

Day 17: Situational Analysis

Day 18: Copywriting

Day 19: Content Marketing

Day 20: Digital PR



Week 5: Further Techniques and Applications

Day 21: SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Day 22: Search Engine Advertising

Day 23: Introduction to Web Development and E-commerce

Day 24: Email Marketing

Day 25: Social Media Marketing and Management


Week 6: Expanding the Skillset and Wrapping Up

Day 26: Social Media Advertising

Day 27: Budgeting - Managing Budgets

Day 28: Influencer Marketing

Day 29: Affiliate and Referral Marketing

Day 30: Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)


Week 7: Legal, Ethical and Future Considerations

Day 31: Mobile Marketing

Day 32: Video Marketing

Day 33: Legal and Ethical Considerations in Digital Marketing

Day 34: Networking and Connections

Day 35: Professional Growth and Development


 Week 8: The End

Day 36 to Day 40: Course Review and Certification Exams, One on One meetings

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