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As an accomplished marketing leader with experience mirroring that of a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) and Marketing Director, I have forged a career steeped in innovation and strategic growth. Over a decade in the digital marketing sector has seen me develop and implement game-changing strategies, fostering substantial brand growth across an array of industries.

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My comprehensive proficiency in SEO, content marketing, social media marketing, lead generation, and analytics has served to optimise online visibility and enhance business performance for numerous clients. As the founder of Sigulp Ltd and a Managing Director at Techtadd Ltd, I have cultivated a reputation for delivering measurable results, driving sustainable growth, and adding substantial value for all stakeholders involved.

Having successfully collaborated with over 200+ clients and scaled multiple companies from their inception to million-pound ventures, my expertise spans the full spectrum of marketing departments and fields. I'm a London-based professional, yet my work has taken me across the globe, allowing me to work on illustrious projects with renowned brands such as Microsoft, Cristiano Ronaldo's CR7, Warner Bros, Formula 1, MTV, Fashion TV, and the Cannes Film Festival, amongst hundreds others.

My teaching philosophy stems from my own experiences. The guidance I offer is what I yearned for during my own learning journey. I share industry-based knowledge that is practical, applicable, and designed to make you an asset in any workplace. The teaching approach I employ mirrors a real-world environment, preparing students for the industry's dynamic demands.

All classes are delivered via email to simulate the work-from-home environment and enable me to provide one-on-one feedback and guidance. I strive to prepare you for a real-world environment that will enrich you personally, professionally, and benefit your business or future employer.

Feel free to explore a host of glowing testimonials from satisfied students here. Should you require any further information or wish to get in touch, I can be reached at internship@sigulp.co.uk or through my LinkedIn.

Prepare for a rewarding journey into the realm of digital marketing with me, Elvijs Plugis, your guide to industry mastery.  

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